Old town Farm Inn Frequently Asked Questions

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Old Town Farm Inn Policies

Reservations and Deposits:

  • A reservation guarantees that the room(s) you are reserving will be available for your use on the dates you are reserving them for.

  • A deposit of the room rate for one night's stay in the room you reserve is required to secure your reservation. During certain holiday periods, (New Year's, Presidents Week, Columbus Day, and Christmas) the deposit will be for the entire length of stay.

  • Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, traveler's check, personal checks and cash are accepted at the Old town Farm Inn.   If a cancellation charge applies we will charge that amount on the date you cancel your reservation.

  • If you cancel 14 days in advance of your reserved stay, your deposit will be returned less a $25.00 cancellation charge. If your reservation was secured with a credit card we will credit your credit card for the refund.

  • 13 days or less prior to your reserved arrival, your deposit will be returned less a $25.00 cancellation charge only if we rebook the room(s) you reserve for the ALL of the dates you reserve.

  • Special promotional packages (ie. discounted ski and stay) are NOT refundable you will be told of this when you book the package.

  • Upon arrival, guests are responsible for all nights reserved.

Dinner reservations:

  • Dinner reservations must be made before 5:00 pm. During holiday and other busy times we strongly encourage making reservations as early as possible to ensure the availability of a table.
  • Alcohol is strictly BYOB there is an excellent package store down the road from the inn in Springfield. 


We are non-smokers and run a non smoking inn. This is for our comfort as well as our guest's comfort. Our daughter is allergic to cigarette smoke so we are rather sever in our approach to this policy. Additionally this is a Vermont state law. Smoking in the rooms requires us to do additional cleaning after a smoker leaves.

Violation of our smoking policy will result in a $100.00 surcharge to be charged against your credit card. If you smoke in the room, we must spend extra time and money ridding the room of the presence of the tobacco smoke for the next guest. This charge is non-negotiable.


Pets are permitted in some rooms at the Old Town Farm Inn subject to the following common sense restrictions

  • Pets must be in crates to stay in the room in their owner's absence.
  • Owners must clean up after their pets after walking them.
  • Pets must not be allowed to run freely in the inn.
  • Pets must not howl or bark excessively. If someone outside the room door can hear it, the pet's noise is excessive.


Well behaved children ages 7 and up are welcome at the Old Town Farm Inn. A Country in or Bed and Breakfast is really not appropriate accommodation for infants and toddlers.

  • Children must be respectful of the other guests who very often come up to the inn to relax.
  • Children are invited to skate or swim in the pond, play games that are in the common room, watch movies in the common rooms, or play outside. Parents must supervise their children. We can arrange for local youth activities and/or babysitting, but we ourselves do not babysit.
  • Running or playing "tag" or any other such is NOT allowed inside the inn at any time.