"Introduction to Fly Casting”

Fly Fishing

Part of a great Vermont vacation experience is sampling something new. In Vermont we believe, soft adventure experiences can be the highlight of any vacation. In the spirit of exploring we offer the opportunity for you to explore Fly Fishing with the Old town farm Inn's “Introduction to Fly Casting" Classes.

Fun to Learn

Fly Fishing has enjoyed continual growth over the last 10 years. It provides the challenge of golf, in unspoiled natural settings. Women find that while the sport requires patience, it does not require strength as the rod and line do the work. The sports growth has also been marked by a “catch an release” philosophy preserving fish populations for the next generation.

Fly Fishing is different

We have all seen the Television ads featuring cars, health insurance etc where the Fly Caster creates a graceful curve of line which almost by magic moves the tiny artificial fly towards the fish. Fly Casting uses the weight of the line to flex the rod and store energy which is used to propel the line towards the target. This results in a graceful curving arch of line propelling line, leader and fly to a soft landing.


Learning to Cast

Our class will teach you the Roll Cast and Forward Cast on our pond. We don't catch fish only learn the art of fly casting. Our Instructor is a qualified and ardent fly fisher. “Having the opportunity to introduce our guests to fly casting is pure joy. Our students learn to feel the loading of the rod and when the line straightens over head and softly presents at fly on the surface, their smile is hard to contain.” commented our Casting Instructor. “We limit each class to a maximum of three students insuring adequate instructor time for each student. For the novice our class helps the student gain an understanding of Fly Casting. Fly Fishing requires patience, practice, and an investment in equipment. Time on our pond provides a good foundation and exposure to the sport. For most of our guests to simply understand how to cast is total satisfaction. “

Frequent Classes Next Step:

Classes are offered on odd numbered days and include all equipment (moderate action fly rod, reel, line, leader and hookless fly), instructor and certificate of completion. Special Packages are available for advance reservations or the class can be scheduled on your arrival. For larger groups multiple classes can be provided.


1. Class are scheduled from 8 to 10 AM and after 4 PM to provide calm winds for the beginner.
2. Class will be rescheduled due to rain, wind or lighting if the guest stay allows.
3. Youth age 6 to 12 will be accommodated based on an assessment of our instructor. Youth under age six will not be accommodated but are welcome to monitor each class.

More Trout

Vermont offers outstanding trout streams, ponds and lakes. Most notable is a Trophy Trout section of the Black River. minutes from the Old Town Farm Inn, well known for large brown and rainbow trout. For those guests who want more adventure experience we can schedule 1/2 day guided on stream trips including all equipment during their Introduction to Fly Casting class. experience.

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With limited dates call today to book your class. Experience the joy of Fly Fishing in Vermont.