Vermont Vacation Checklist

Checklists are valuable tools for play as well as work. Feel free to use our checklist to make sure you pack everything you will need to make your winter getaway to the Old Town Farm Inn and the Okemo Valley as pleasurable as possible.

General, Clothing etc

_____Extra change of clothes _____Socks
_____Underwear _____jeans
_____Sweater(s) _____Sweatshirt
_____Pants _____Sneakers
_____Boots _____Toilet/shaving kit

For outdoor play

_____Skates _____Snowshoes
_____Skis  _____Snowboard
_____Boots  _____Poles
_____Ski Socks _____Hat
_____Gloves _____Glove Liners
_____Goggles _____Sunglasses
_____Long underwear _____Ski jacket
_____Snow pants _____Hand and foot warmers
_____Lip balm  _____Sunscreen
_____Moisturizer _____Ski wax
_____Batteries for heaters

For the Drive Up

_____Books _____Camera and Film
_____Games _____CD's or cassettes
_____Snacks _____Soft drinks

Before leaving the house to come up

_____Take out the trash _____water the plants
_____Arrange for pet care if you're not bringing them _____Turn heat down (not off!)
_____Clear leftovers out of the refrigerator _____Turn down hot water heater
_____Tell someone where you are going the telephone number of the Old Town Farm Inn, and when you are scheduled to return

Above all, have a great time up here!